Our vision is to make ocean resource available

To achieve our goal, we gave ourselves the mission to develop the production of seaweed to scale up the industry. We work at developing technologies that improve the cultivation and harvesting of seaweeds in an economically sustainable way.

At the same time, we contribute to raise awareness about seaweed; their environmental potential and the health benefits they provide.


Innovation: We believe in innovation to be an engine of change to solve the global challenges that we are facing.


Sustainability: Sustainability is, of course, at the core of what we do.  Further than that, we integrate this concept in each aspect of our activity. Sustainability is in the background of all our actions to ensure we make a lasting, positive impact.


People focus: Our efforts would not make sense if the needs of people were not our main concern. Our greatest achievement is to make people’s life better.



Why Seaweed?






Winner of Green Tech Challenge 2016


Student Startup of The Year – DTU 2017


Ocean Innovation Award at University


Startup World Cup





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