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Nordic Algae is NO longer an active company.
We appreciate the support from our previous partners and customers and wish you all the best!

Product and services

The process to get a seaweed farm up and running can be a long and tedious one. This is why we gave ourselves the mission to support you through the entire journey. Our competences cover multiple disciplines and knowledge areas.



Localization of the best local area for your farm



Support for the acquisition of a farming licence



Provide seaweed equipment, including the cultivation systems and harvesting tools

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Our vision

To make seaweed the most produced natural resource

Seaweed does not require any fertilizer to grow, nor compete for land. It only needs water and sunlight. In addition, it stores CO2 and has the potential to reduce ocean dead zones by releasing oxygen, making it one of the best sustainable resource.

Seaweed is already utilized in multiple industries because of its richness in nutriments. It contains proteins, omega 3, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. Thus, it has a broad range of applications, from food products to cosmetics, feeds and bioplastics.

Due to the expansion of industrial applications, there is currently a lack of quality seaweed supply in Europe, where majority of it is collected directly from beaches while farming production methods still heavily rely on manual labour.

Therefore, to extend the use of seaweed, making available efficient seaweed farming solutions is necessary.

With Seaweed We:


Capture Carbon Dioxide


Create shelters for fish in the ocean


Improve the quality of the ocean


Produce oxygen