Interested in farming seaweed but not sure where to start? We got you covered! At Nordic Algae we provide the technology and knowledge for establishing seaweed farming, no matter the size. 

We support you through the entire journey of becoming a profitable seaweed farmer.

Find the best place to farm

Where you choose to farm seaweed will greatly define your success. You need to pick the right spot from the start.

With Nordic Algae, you will easily locate where best to farm. And we support you all the way from idea to production.

Get your farming license

We help you write a valid application, complying with all formal demands, so you can get a farming license quickly and effortlessly.

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Start farming seaweed

Cultivation and harvesting systems adapted to your needs

To build a successful seaweed farm, you need the right equipment. Nordic Algae seaweed farming tools are versatile, efficient and easy to handle.


NA Harvester 1.0 offers modular components allowing you to build your own perfect solution fitted to your business goals and needs. This way your farm is scalable and replacing components is easy.


Less labor needed. NA Harvester 1.0 automates the harvesting process to make your farm more efficient, allowing you to harvest more and operate bigger farms.


NA Cultivator 1.0 is submerged in order to keep a clean ocean surface and to reduce the impact of waves – no matter if your farm is close by the shore or out in open waters. You easily regulate the cultivation depth to optimize seaweed growth.